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5 Ways to Combat Bad Breath

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If you’re a person who has a mouth and who has ever eaten a meal with garlic or onions, it’s likely that you’ve had bad breath. The unpleasant, sometimes embarrassing experience plagues nearly everybody indiscriminately, affecting those with immaculate and poor dental hygiene alike. However, some people experience bad breath more intensely than others. Though bad breath is virtually inescapable, there are things you can do to combat it. Read on to learn our 5 fool-proof strategies for keeping bad breath at bay.

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Halloween Treats Ranked from Spookiest to Healthiest for your Teeth

Halloween Treats Ranked from Spookiest to Healthiest for your Teeth

It’s almost Halloween, and you’re probably geared up for all sorts of spooky stuff, like witches, goblins, ghosts and ghouls. There’s one thing, however, that’s scarier than all the rest: Halloween candy. We know what you’re thinking, “Halloween candy isn’t scary, SA Perio!” Maybe it isn’t by itself, but once those sugary treats enter your mouth, they create a phenomenon that is spookier than the most daunting haunted house. We promise, this isn’t a trick to scare you out of enjoying Halloween treats. We still want you to have fun this October 31st, so we’re going to help you to indulge responsibly using our list of treats ranked from spookiest to healthiest for your teeth and gums.

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