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Scaling & Root Planing

Treatment for periodontal disease initially entails a thorough cleaning and may including scaling or root planing. These non-surgical procedures objective is to remove dental tartar, plaque and calculus which are the primary cause of gingivitis and disease.

tooth scalingScaling:

Scaling is performed to remove plaque and calculus that is attached to teeth surfaces. This procedure is performed with a special dental tooth called an ultrasonic scaling tool which targets areas below the gum line down to the root. This may also require an irrigation process to deliver antimicrobial agents below the gum line to help reduce oral bacteria.

Root Planing:

Root planing procedures are performed to remove cementum and surface dentin which contains embedded unwanted microorganisms, toxin and tartar of the root. Antibiotics or irrigation with anti-microbial agents may be recommended to control infection and promote normal healing.

Benefits of scaling and root planing including reduced risk of bacterial spread to the blood stream, protection against tooth loss and reduced bad breath. To learn more about all these benefits contact a San Antonio Periodontal & Implant team member today.

Our professional and gentle treatment of gum disease, cosmetic procedures and dental implants is personalized.

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