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Loose Teeth? Get Help Sooner Rather Than Later

Woman with Tooth Pain

For many people, a problem in the mouth quickly becomes a source of stress, worry and sometimes pain. And that’s understandable, given what we now know about oral health and how that signifies other conditions in our bodies. Our mouths, filled with bacteria, are the gateway to other important parts, like the digestive and respiratory tracts. Generally, this bacteria is good, but without a good regimen of oral care - like brushing and flossing regularly - the bad bacteria that is in the mix can quickly overwhelm our health. 

Loose teeth are a sign that something has gotten out of whack in the mouth. Good healthy gums and bones have a tight grip on the teeth that are anchored there. When those gums start to let go, it’s an urgent call to action - something that should be dealt with immediately. After all, your adult teeth are meant to last your lifetime. Let’s take a look at some of the things that can cause loose teeth.

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