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Dental Hygiene Travel Tips

Dental Hygiene Travel Tips

San Antonians are ready to come out of hibernation after a milestone winter where we actually enjoyed snow for the first time in a long time and saw plenty of freezing, rainy days and nights. Spring Break is right around the corner and many of you may be planning a family trip. College students are getting ready for the annual free-for-all in more southern climates. As you prepare for your get-away, don’t forget to put some mental to your dental.

Before You Leave

Are you up to date on your routine dental care, such as cleanings? Has there been an issue with your teeth that you have been putting on the back burner?

The last thing you want to deal with during your Spring Break vaca is dental problems. Make sure you and your family members don’t have to spend time in an unfamiliar dental office when you should be building sand castles on the beach. Schedule time now to take care of any unresolved issues.

Bonus hint: Try not to chew ice and avoid hard or very sticky candy while on vacation. Fractured teeth and missing fillings and crowns are to be avoided at all costs!

Packing For Your Trip

Depending on where you are going and for how long, packing – or not packing – the essential and familiar daily care dental products is a necessary evil in today’s highly-regulated travel. Don’t pack your toothbrush in a damp, closed environment where bacteria can breed. It’s actually better to just throw it in loose with your other hygiene products. Using a toothbrush holder with air holes works well, too.

Remember, toothbrushes can be found pretty much anywhere, so buying one when you get to your destination may be the healthier alternative if you are going somewhere that requires long hours of travel. For further destinations, who knows what your germs may find their way into your luggage and its contents. Better to be safe than sorry.

Bonus hint: If in doubt, use bottled water for your oral regimen.


Maintain Your Dental Routine

Everyone feels that special freedom as you fly out the front door for the last time to go on a trip. The mundane routine of home life is being left behind. New adventures – and possibly new foods – await. Sleeping in and staying up late could be part of the attraction. You can keep to your normal dental care routine without spoiling the fun.

Make sure everyone continues to brush and floss at least twice a day. Your family members may be scheduling different activities from each other. Gathering everyone together at established teeth caring times can be a good interval to share experiences and talk about what’s coming up next.

Bonus hint: Having more than one person involved with your brushing routine will give you and your family members more accountability and make you more likely to stick with it. 


Oh no! After all of your careful planning, someone has a dental emergency while on vacation. While there isn’t much worse than a toothache, there are some things you can do if you find yourself in an accidental dental situation. You are welcome to reach out to us at San Antonio Periodontics and Implants – we may be able to give you some tips or recommend a dental office in your area. Be sure and pack ibuprofen and acetaminophen. A good way to battle a toothache is to alternate 600 mg. of Tylenol and 600 mg. of Advil every three to four hours.

Bonus hint: If you do experience a toothache and can't sleep, take some pain-killers and keep your head above your heart by using two or more pillows. Lying prone allows gravity to increase the pressure on the tooth nerve, causing more throbbing and pain.

Have Fun!

At San Antonio Periodontics and Implants, we want to hear about your vacations when you come back – and especially that you didn’t have any dental problems while you were off building memories. Please contact us if we can help in any way.

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